What is a digital smart card?

Digital smart cards are the modern way to share contact information. Also known as virtual and electronic smart cards. One major benefit of digital smart cards is that they can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

Contactless smart cards

Our smart cards require no physical contact to send or receive a virtual card. Digital smart cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Simply show your QR code, or send the link over email, text or social media.


Fully Customized

We are not just giving you opportunity to have Taplesscard Digital Smart Card, we are providing next level of ART. You can print whatever you want in the HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY WITH BOTH SIDES FULL COLOR PRINT and make unique piece of ART!


Update in Real Time

Save time and money by not having to buy more smart cards every time your details change. Simply change your details within seconds when required.



No app needed, no personal contact details needed in advance, dual technology nfc + qr that allows us to cover 100% of mobile devices.

See some of our client's designs!


Compatible with all phones. No app required.

Simply tap or scan your card using any smartphone, with no app or installation required. It's really that simple!

Taplesscard tap

1. Tap phone to your card.
2. Open the notification.

Taplesscard scan

1. Open the camera app.
2. Point the camera at the QR code.
3. Open the notification.

Your details can be saved instantly to the receivers phone when the 'Save Contact' icon is tap'd. You can also recieve details with the 'Connect' button, and all your connections will be inside your profile dashboard.